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It’s time to realise your dreams with Project One at Trisports. Customise your ride of choice with an endless palate of paint and premium schemes, and cherry-pick components exactly to your liking. Trek's team of master artists and builders will transform your wildest ideas into reality.

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Brandon Humphris - P1 Specialist

Meet Brandon

Brandon is the Trisports in-house Project One Specialist and can help you through every step of the process.

While every member of the team can assist, Brandon is our own go-to-guy when it comes to specifying a Project One bike.

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Why choose Trisports for your Project One build?

Experience and Choice

Trisports have been assisting clients with Project One bike builds for over 17 years.

Working with our Project One specialist, you can discuss your cycling requirements. Starting with a blank sheet, we can work through to the finer details together in-store, to ensure the perfect Project One bike for you.

Bike Fit

Trisports have been offering the Trek Precision Fit bike fitting service for over 13 years. We'll utilise many of the measuring procedures in this process to correctly size the various components of your Project One bike. Frame size, crank lengths, bar width, stem length, saddle width etc

These are the special things you cannot do online, but when carried out in-store will ensure your Project One bike fits you like a glove.

Why Project One?


When it comes to the quality of Project One bikes, Trek stick to a hard and fast standard – perfection. Every Project One is designed and built with meticulous attention to detail and will not leave the building until several multi-step inspections have occurred. You expect the best, Trek guarantee it.


Hand painted, hand assembled, one by one. That’s how Trek's team of gifted designers, builders and painters craft every Project One bike. Good things take time, and remarkable things take talent. Trek invest a healthy dose of both. Because this is personal – not just for you, but for the craftsmen dedicated to making your dream bike a reality.


Every Project One bike is built to order and hand-assembled with care. There’s no mass assembly line, no boxed-up bike waiting to be purchased. The process begins when you design your dream ride, and each step is executed with you in mind. Your bike will be put together piece by piece, start to finish, by someone who wants to astound you.

Project One Paint Splash Image

Project One Bikes at Trisports

New Madone Gen8 Image

New Madone Gen8

Madone is speed incarnate – it combines everything we know about going fast into one swift superbike.

Trek ProjectOne Domane


Domane's road-smoothing tech helps you ride with more speed and comfort on every ride.

Trek ProjectOne Checkpoint


The Checkpoint is made for gravel aficionados who mainly ride off-road and want loads of capability.

Trek ProjectOne Speedconcept

Speed Concept

The Speed Concept is the most aero bike we've ever made – and it's your best choice for your fastest triathlon bike splits and time trials.

Want to take your customised paint to the next level?

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