NEW Madone Gen 8
SL 7

It's right for you if...

You want a high-end race bike that delivers on aerodynamics, comfort and a lightweight build.

Carbon is important to you, but you're happy with light-yet-economical 500 Series OCLV, knowing you can save big with only a few more grams of weight.

You want performance parts where they count most – like carbon wheels and an electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 group set.

The tech you get

An ultra-light OCLV 500 Carbon frame with aero tubing and IsoFlow comfort technology.

A 2x12 Shimano Ultegra Di2 group set for lightning-fast shifting that's completely customisable.

Plus, it's topped off with Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51 carbon wheels that come set up tubeless.

Why you'll love it

The Revolutionary Full System Foil aero tube shapes redefine what fast looks like and help optimise aerodynamics around the whole bike.

A more economical 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and new tube shaping shave weight where it matters most to help you fly up climbs.

Carbon wheels keep weight down and performance up, so you can crush climbs and soar down descents.

You get lightning-fast precision shifts that are fully customisable thanks to Shimano's Ultegra Di2 drivetrain.

Lightweight, race-focused IsoFlow comfort tech helps you ride stronger longer without sacrificing weight or aerodynamics.

This bike comes set up tubeless – a first in Trek performance road history.

The final word

The Madone SL 7 Gen 8 is the perfect bike to reach for when race day performance is a must, and so is your budget.

It delivers the best balance of price and performance, with 500-Series OCLV carbon and upgraded parts that matter, like carbon wheels and electronic shifting.

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NEW Madone Gen 8
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The new Madone Gen 8

There’s only one. The ultimate race bike.

Trek combined their lightest and fastest road race bikes to create Madone Gen 8 — the one true ultimate race bike. Part Émonda. Part Madone. All-out podium-topping performance.

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NEW Madone Gen 8

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NEW Madone Gen 8
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Each Trek carries a simple promise: We’ll take care of you and do what’s right. A lot has changed since the first frame came off the line, but not the pride we take in our work. Which is why we build products to last a lifetime. Because not having an issue is the best customer service we could ever offer.

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Trek's heritage

The four decades following Trek's inception have witnessed greater innovation than the previous four hundred. Bicycles have not been immune to this explosion in technological advancement. Trek have been at the forefront of the movement, continually challenging the limits of the bicycle's capability.

The world needs the bicycle more today than ever before. And Trek is building a better world through this simple, elegant machine.

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We ensure you get the most from your cycling, with a superb range of equipment & accessories that meet all your needs, all presented with Trisports expert advice, getting it right first time, saving you time.

In our workshop, Eben & Michael have a vast range of experience between them and are industry trained to undertake a wide range of repairs, builds and servicing on any brand of bicycle.

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