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All of the following items are considered essential to make your cycling experience enjoyable, comfortable & safe throughout the summer months no matter who you are.

Maintain your cycle fitness and enjoyment throughout the summer and feel chuffed with the accomplishment of another ride completed.

Water Bottle & Cage

In-Ride Hydration

It's very important for your health to keep yourself hydrated. Having bottle cages and drink bottles on your bike means no matter where you are you can quench your thirst during your ride.

Puncture Repair Kit

Puncture Repair

Nothing ruins a ride more than a puncture. A pack fitted to your bike with a spare inner tube, pump and repair patches can save the day your sanity & your ride.

Bike Lights

Be Seen, Be Safe

Light your way with rechargeable lights. A wide range to suit your needs whether it's commuting, road riding or off-road. See, be seen and be secure... day or night.

Summer Clothing

Keeping comfortable during the summer months means paying careful attention to your clothing, riding with a view to removing layers as the temperatures sore!

Early morning's can still provide a chilly start to your ride, but as you progress and the things start to warm up, having a layered approach to your kit can prove very handy.

We keep stock of sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve base layers. They can come in different grades of material like Synthetic, blend or Merino wool for different temperature conditions.

Once we hit mid-summer and things are getting a little barmy, highly breathable fabrics should be your go-to choice for your riding attire. Here's just a small selection of the complete range of cycle clothing available at Trisports.

Men's Base Layers & Short Sleeve Tops at

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Cycling Mitts & Socks at

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Helmets at

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Ride with confidence. Our helmets come in many styles, colours & sizes. Visit us to get measured and correctly fitted and try them on and find the one that you feel best wearing. They are light, comfortable and full of the latest safety technology.

We stock a large range ride kit that can enhance your enjoyment on so many levels. Visit us to find out what you never knew you really needed!

Introducing WaveCel, a major advancement in the protection against cycling-related head injuries

Bontrager Wavecell Helmet Image

Cool and comfortable

The best helmet is one that doesn't distract you when you're riding. WaveCel helmets are extensively tested in the wind tunnel for air flow.

Nothing outweighs safety

Gram for gram, WaveCel punches way above its weight when it comes to protection. This revolutionary safety tech adds only 53g on average to Bontrager helmets.

Dial your fit

WaveCel helmets are engineered to fit and feel great. They're easy to adjust with a single Boa dial and the included fit pads, and every one has a uniform dome shape developed from over 150 studies on what feels best in helmets.