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We’ve been selling power assist bikes for over 5 years and have watched as each year brings innovations to improve the range, handing and durability. This year sees an amazing line-up of power assist bikes for every kind of rider and we’re very exited to bring you a small selection right here.

Power Assist

Road Bikes

Ride with faster groups, push yourself to go a few more miles and never get dropped on a climb. E-road bikes look and feel like a traditional road bike, just with an extra boost.

Power Assist

Hybrid Bikes

Comfortable, versatile and fun. These bikes provide the extra power you need to go further, carry more, cut down on car trips and have fun riding with friends.

Power Assist

Mountain Bikes

Explore more of the mountain and rip more laps than ever before. The natural-feeling, trail-tuned boost powers you up climbs and lets you be your own shuttle.

Best-in-class drive systems

Powered by Bosch

Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades and their drive systems power the majority of our electric bike line-up.

Bosch’s integrated drive systems are designed specifically for your preferred style of riding, and are produced and engineered by the world’s foremost names in cycling components and consumer electronics.

Bosch systems feel great from your first ride and perform reliably for years to come. Plus, they’re backed by generous warranties, easily serviced by our worldwide network of retailers, and developed in partnership with cycling industry leaders, including Trek.

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Range of Power Assist Motors

Active Line

Max Torque

A maximum torque of up to 40 Nm ensures gentle supporting acceleration.

Max Drive

Gentle support, perfect for city trips.

Drive Unit

Moderate support for greater mobility in everyday use up to a maximum of 25km/h

Active Line Plus

Max Torque

A maximum torque of up to 50 Nm ensures controlled acceleration.

Max Drive

Sufficient support, perfect for city trips or relaxed tours.

Drive Unit

Perfectly measured support for increased mobility in everyday life up to a maximum of 25km/h

Cargo Line Cruise

Max Torque

With a torque of up to 85 Nm, the powerful Cargo Line offers full support even at low cadences.

Max Drive

The Cargo Line offers up to 400% of powerful support with a permissible total weight of up to 250 kg.

Drive Unit

The powerful motor works very efficiently, with or without cargo. Supports up to 25km/h

Cargo Line Speed

Max Torque

With a torque of up to 85 Nm, the powerful Cargo Line offers full support even at low cadences.

Max Drive

The Cargo Line offers up to 400% of powerful support with a permissible total weight of up to 250 kg.

Drive Unit

The powerful motor works very efficiently, with or without cargo. Supports up to 45km/h

Performance Line Cruise

Max Torque

It facilitates sporty acceleration even in high cadences.

Max Drive

Dynamic, ideal for extended sporty rides.

Drive Unit

Supports up to 25 km/h

Performance Line Speed

Max Torque

A torque of up to 85 Nm ensures a sporty riding sensation.

Max Drive

The powerful motor is perfect for long distances.

Drive Unit

Supports up to 45 km/h

Performance Line CX

Max Torque

With a torque of up to 85 Nm, the Performance Line CX provides powerful acceleration despite its compact size.

Max Drive

Lasting support for riders enables sufficient power, fast sprints and a very sporty riding style.

Drive Unit

Powerful support up to 25 km/h, even on steep mountain rides.

Powered by Fazua

When Trek design Power Assist Bikes for riders who only use a boost for strategic purposes – like road riders heading up an epic switchback climb – they turn to Fazua drive systems.

Fazua’s unique design is discreet, ultra-lightweight and can even be removed from the bike completely.

Like Bosch, they have a proven history of performance and reliability, are backed by an excellent warranty programme and are easily serviced by Trek retailers worldwide.

1 Battery

Extraordinary compact and lightweight battery weighing just 1.38 Kg.

2 Drivepack

Removable motor and battery unit with a total weight of just 3.3 kg.

3 Bottom Bracket

A two-sided torque measurement and additional cadence measurement transmit the optimal support to the crank via an angular gearbox.

4 Remote b

Simplistic and intuitive handlebar remote for maximal control.

5 Remote fX

Fully frame integrated remote with sensitive touch surface.

Visit the Bosch ebike range assist calculator

The Bosch ebike range assist calculator will give you an idea of how far various combinations of motor, battery, ride styles and bike types (including tyre choice) will take you on a single change.

While not meant to be super accurate, the calculator is there to help you make the right choice for the type of riding you’d like to use your power assist bike for.

Clicking the link below will take you to the Bosch power assist range assist calculator page. Use the various sliders and options to configure your results and have fun!

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The Trek Guarantee...

Each Trek carries a simple promise: We’ll take care of you and do what’s right. A lot has changed since the first frame came off the line, but not the pride we take in our work. Which is why we build products to last a lifetime. Because not having an issue is the best customer service we could ever offer.

To qualify for Trek Care you must register your bike. Registration is quick and easy.

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Trek's heritage...

The four decades following Trek's inception have witnessed greater innovation than the previous four hundred. Bicycles have not been immune to this explosion in technological advancement. Trek have been at the forefront of the movement, continually challenging the limits of the bicycle's capability.

The world needs the bicycle more today than ever before. And Trek is building a better world through this simple, elegant machine.

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In our workshop, Joe, Paul and Adam have a vast range of experience between them and are industry trained to undertake a wide range of repairs, builds and servicing on any brand of bicycle.

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