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“Swimming is one of mankind’s oldest and most enjoyable forms of exercise. However, leaky goggles, chaffing wetsuits and chlorinated water up the nose isn’t!”

We can help you get the most from your swimming with a superb range of open water and pool swim clothing, wetsuits, equipment and accessories that meet all your needs as a swimmer.

When it comes to wetsuits, if we had a penny for every time we’d heard the line “I bought this wetsuit online because it was cheap, but when I used it on race day it flooded” the whole team would be on a warm, sunny beach sipping cocktails right now!

We feel passionately that open water swim wetsuits aren’t a product you simply click ‘add to basket’ on.

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A correctly fitting wetsuit for triathlon, or just open water swimming, is absolutely essential. As is being shown how to put it on, take it off and look after it to ensure maximum durability and enjoyment.

This can only be shown by people who’ve been there and done it a many times in training and racing. And who’s spent time with the manufacturer to fully understand the products and the differences between them.

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Swim brands we stock: Zone3, Aquasphere (goggles, swim aids, accessories), (anti-chaffing products).

Swim brands we stock

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