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“We’ve all felt that awesome feeling you can only get from a great run. And we’ve all known the little niggles that can have the opposite effect. Get your footwear and kit sorted correctly and it’s just a case of heading out of your front door to a happier, healthier you!”

We’ve done it all run-wise at Trisports and it’s that experience that allows us to understand and help you as a runner.

There’s a massive difference between randomly selecting a running shoe because you like the colour (or worse still because it’s cheap) and owning a quality running shoe that’s going to allow you to express yourself as a runner.

advice to get you moving

Our friendly and enthusiastic team are on-hand here at our Letchworth store to offer you advice on the best running gear from shoes to shorts to get you moving and keep you active!

As well as our extensive range of running gear and equipment we also stock a wide variety of nutrition products and can help you choose the right product to enhance your performance.

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Running brands we stock: Mizuno (shoes and clothing), Wigwam, 1000 Mile (socks), Nathan (run accessories).

Running brands we stock

Running Gear in store