bike zone

“We love bikes, a lot. In fact, it’s fair to say that when we’re not selling bikes we’re most likely to be found talking about them, checking out pictures of them, researching them and of course; riding them! And that’s why buying a bike from us is way better, and way more fun, than simply having a boring brown box turn up at your door.”

For us it’s important to only stock the kind of bikes we would be willing to ride, and spend money on, ourselves. And that’s why it was an easy choice to specialise in Trek Bikes. Whether its road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross bikes or kids bikes you’re after, Trek have a model and a price that’s right for you. There are no ‘duffers’ in the Trek range - and for us that’s really important – as we want you to love riding bikes as much as we do, regardless of your budget.

We don’t sell online. Nor do Trek. It’s about a quality of service and a quality of product that we both fundamentally believe can only be delivered face to face in the real world, with real people. So pop in and have a chat with us about your next bike purchase, or just shoot the breeze about bikes in general. We’re cool either way. We love bikes!

for the whole family

We encourage the whole family to join in here at Trisports and everyone is welcome. Whether it's advice on children's bikes or if you're kitting out the whole family for something more adventurous, our friendly team are here to help and advise you.

Our personal service keeps our customers coming back time and again, we don't aim to provide a wide range of bikes at rock-bottom prices but we do aim to give you the best advice, service and value for money when choosing a bike, running or swimming gear.

bike fitting service (cycle fit)

“Using the Trek Precision Fit system, we can help you to benefit from a Pro Tour level bike fit standard that’s based on proven sports science and making real world improvements to your cycling.”

As applicable to those looking to simply increase comfort and efficiency on their bike, to those looking for the ‘marginal gains’ that can make the difference between that Kona qualifying slot or not; we firmly believe that every road bike and time trial bike rider will benefit from a bike fit.

Our bike fit service costs £120.00, takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete and can be booked for morning or afternoon slots Monday to Friday subject to availability. You will need to bring your bike, cycle/triathlon kit, shoes and pedals with you on the day. Call us on 01462 683 615 to book.

your local Trek specialist

A measure of our quality is that we only stock Trek bikes, a US specialist manufacturer that we believe are one of the best bike manufacturers in the world.

We are an authorised Trek dealer so we have extensive knowledge of the latest bike ranges, accessories, equipment and of course our fully equipped on-site workshop can take care of all manner of maintenance and repair work.

To see the Trek range of bicycles please visit their website

we support the Cycle Scheme

Cyclescheme enables company employees to get a bike tax-free, saving on average around 40%. It's completely free for your company to join, and easy to administer online. It is a government initiative and you can read more on the Cycle Scheme website at

We support Cyclescheme, Cycle-plus, Bike2Work and Halfords Cycle2Work vouchers. Contact us for further details on 01462 683 615 or click here to contact us online.